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samedi 15 août 2009

HDRI panoramic skies for FREE!


Here are 3 panoramic skies for your 3D backgrounds and GI illuminations.
They indeed are excellent quality HDRI available to buy on the web, but I always look for something very particular for my currents jobs / clients. So I did those by myself so I could have total control on the feeling I wanted.
They were created with Eon Vue6/7 Infinite/Xstream software.
Please click on images to start downloading the .zip HDRI file.

One in the clear sea style.
(original done for Renault)

1098x549px zip=868Ko

One sweet blue sky, more sweet clouds.
(original done for FC4D)

2100x1050px zip=5Mo

One more dramatical, "contre jour de tempête".
Also works for city night skies.
(original done for M6 Music)

4000x2000px zip=15Mo

They all are free for personnal and professionnal works, but cannot in any way be sold in any package or whatsoever. They are FREE ! Anyhow they remain my own © property.

Hope you'll ENJOY :)

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