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lundi 21 décembre 2009

Weekend fun: "EVA" type freestyle WIP

Little EVA style meka. =D

Tech notes:
Weekend WIP, base mesh in cinema4d + unwarp in Bodypaint - about two hours; about 6 hours of work within Zbrush; GoZ to cinema4d (SPD, mesh level1), rigged with Mocca (few minutes) and rendered with AR3 (3 minutes rendering in best AA at 1024px).
Post in Pshop, few minutes...

One day, maybe, I will retop' it for cleaner mesh... or not ^^


(version 5) 1680 px
Too much dof, few tweaks and that should be OK?


Coming soon in HD =D

vendredi 18 décembre 2009

M6 Mobile movie

M6 Mobile NoBrain from shtl on Vimeo.

Commercial for mobile phone directed by NoBrain
I worked on "ufo"/meka concepts and previsualisation (c4d)
2009 / 09

FX: The Circus
PRODUCTION: 75 / Irène

jeudi 17 décembre 2009

dimanche 13 décembre 2009

M6Mobile new campaign: early pre-concepts

In august of this 2009 year, I was commissioned a concept design work in a competition for BDDP&Fils and NoBrain commercial/campaign.

Here are some very early concepts I did for/with them.

mardi 24 novembre 2009

Drugstore Publicis: prévisualisation 3D pour Clémence Farrel

Images de synthèse de prévisualisation du nouveau bar du Drugstor Publicis à Paris, que j'ai réalisé pour la designer Clémence Farrel. (2008)

jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Optor Meka, animation WIP 2


Click image to view animation rendering test [QT7, 15,5Mo !]

dimanche 27 septembre 2009

Fast Pleix FanArt :op [3D; Maxon Cinema4Dr11.5+MoGraph]

Weekend fun!
I decided to quicly and roughly experiment a tiny MoDyn setup.
Finaly took me a bit more than 4 hours to "kind of" reproduce a small sequence in the last Pleix commercial flavour.

And here some earlyer animation test: (QT7 6,3Mo)

And the above images preview animation (QT7 8,9Mo)

Don't have enough freetime to render it.
Anyhow was fun to do and gave me a better idea of what's involved in such cinematic!

EDIT: running rabbits!

Also found a sweet way to make ground rabbit run. Obviously, none is indentical to another =D

EDIT2: running rabit rendered!
New video here (QT7 7,3Mo)

dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Maxon Cindema4D r11.5, MoDyn test

Little play with the demo of the new release of Maxon Cinema4d app: r11.5!
It's in the "no keyframes" fashion, also, tried to reproduce from memory the animation from Simon Fiedler that was very cool.

Very easy to setup, as usual with all Maxon's products. Niice!

Click here for the 640x400 QT7 3Mo animation quality

Or view the same in the blogspot viewer here:

Same principle + sound.
(QT7 640x400 7,1MB)

jeudi 20 août 2009

mercredi 19 août 2009

Optor Mecha, animation WIP

2 tests animations:

1: one at 5 FPS, with better cam and DOF (QT7, 1,3Mo)

2: almost same with better FPS, no DOF (QT7, 3Mo)

lundi 17 août 2009

samedi 15 août 2009

HDRI panoramic skies for FREE!


Here are 3 panoramic skies for your 3D backgrounds and GI illuminations.
They indeed are excellent quality HDRI available to buy on the web, but I always look for something very particular for my currents jobs / clients. So I did those by myself so I could have total control on the feeling I wanted.
They were created with Eon Vue6/7 Infinite/Xstream software.
Please click on images to start downloading the .zip HDRI file.

One in the clear sea style.
(original done for Renault)

1098x549px zip=868Ko

One sweet blue sky, more sweet clouds.
(original done for FC4D)

2100x1050px zip=5Mo

One more dramatical, "contre jour de tempête".
Also works for city night skies.
(original done for M6 Music)

4000x2000px zip=15Mo

They all are free for personnal and professionnal works, but cannot in any way be sold in any package or whatsoever. They are FREE ! Anyhow they remain my own © property.

Hope you'll ENJOY :)

mardi 21 juillet 2009

Sanctuary2009 WIP: video test01

Work In Progress:
video test01

Vous pouvez la visionner en meilleure def ici:
QuickTime7; 9,1Mo HD [1024px]

Restent encore et toujours beaucoup de détails à fignoler,
mais je n'ai pas résisté à l'envie de lancer un calcul cette nuit.

L'électricien doit passer raccorder le secteur. Des objets vont s'amonceler ici et là.
Et je doit aussi modéliser une autre descente de marches.

Cinema4d, envirron 1mn par frame au rendu pour du 1024x576px. Raytrace pure.

samedi 18 juillet 2009

vendredi 10 juillet 2009

Skull 3D QTVR Object

Here is a "little" QTVR object of the skull.
Might be helpfull for illustrators?

Sorry, it's pretty huge: 37,5Mo ! I'll try to optimize it asap.
Also since blogspot ain't QTVR friendly you can use this external link here.

So you all allready know how to make it work hun?
Just click the view and slide to make it rotate. You can also use the arrows keyboard keys, as well as the shift and ctrl ones to zoom/unzoom.

Voici un petit QTVR object du crâne.
Cela peut servir de ref pour les dessinateurs?

Donc vous avez tous comment ça marche n'est-ce pas? Vous clickez dans la vue et déplacez votre curseur pour le faire tourner. Vous pouvez utiliser les flèches de votre clavier, et les touches shift et ctrl pour zommer / dézoomer.

Désolé, il y en a pour 37,5Mo ! Je tâcherai d'optimiser ça. Et comme blogspot n'aime pas les QTVR, vous pouvez y accéder ici.