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dimanche 27 septembre 2009

Fast Pleix FanArt :op [3D; Maxon Cinema4Dr11.5+MoGraph]

Weekend fun!
I decided to quicly and roughly experiment a tiny MoDyn setup.
Finaly took me a bit more than 4 hours to "kind of" reproduce a small sequence in the last Pleix commercial flavour.

And here some earlyer animation test: (QT7 6,3Mo)

And the above images preview animation (QT7 8,9Mo)

Don't have enough freetime to render it.
Anyhow was fun to do and gave me a better idea of what's involved in such cinematic!

EDIT: running rabbits!

Also found a sweet way to make ground rabbit run. Obviously, none is indentical to another =D

EDIT2: running rabit rendered!
New video here (QT7 7,3Mo)

dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Maxon Cindema4D r11.5, MoDyn test

Little play with the demo of the new release of Maxon Cinema4d app: r11.5!
It's in the "no keyframes" fashion, also, tried to reproduce from memory the animation from Simon Fiedler that was very cool.

Very easy to setup, as usual with all Maxon's products. Niice!

Click here for the 640x400 QT7 3Mo animation quality

Or view the same in the blogspot viewer here:

Same principle + sound.
(QT7 640x400 7,1MB)